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YouTube: Still Bringing People Together

1 Jun

A few weeks ago, my room/life mate Derek showed me this video:

I proceeded to comment on said video, saying this:

“I hate this. This is that which will carry us all quietly into the dark and unconquerable death. Slowly, without warning or halting cry, people like this will grip us by our hands, coldly, with false maternity, telling us what is right with eyes of endless death and sterile blankness.”

It’s pretty clear that that’s not how I normally talk. I thought using such language about these girls was funny, maybe (probably) not to that many people, but I sure as hell got a kick out of it. I liked the idea that the harbingers of our destruction would show up, accompanied by a drum machine, chanting “GET FUCKED UP!” in high-pitched yelps.

Well, today I was notified that I had received two replies to my comment. Here they are:

u sound emo as fuck dude
chill, it’s their genre, their music.
i bet only dicks rip on ur music and u gotta be a dick to rip on other people’s choice of music.

Fascinating. Here’s the next one, a little more direct, a little more use of caps lock.


After reading that first response, it almost feels like he’s trying to console me. He seems genuinely concerned that I’m worrying too much. I now think I might need to chillax. When reading over it again, though, I noticed something else. “i bet only dicks rip on ur music” Thanks man, you’re right. Only dicks don’t like my music. He’s obviously heard the recordings of my band in high school, Sterrett, and he liked what he heard. His support after all these years is nothing short of inspiring. Sterrett Reunion.

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