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ACL–Second Impressions *Bonus*

1 Nov

I found this in my drafts folder. I meant to extend my ACL blog, but kept getting sidetracked by other ideas, pushing this entry further and further into irrelevance. I wanted to make sure that this little bit I had got a chance to see the light of day because I kind of like it. So here, on this beautiful Sunday afternoon, is the little bit I have of ACL–Second Impressions.


The air permeating from the ground is thick and smells like a lake. I would later hear on the radio that some of this fragrance is due to the fact that Zilker park has been sodded with a substance that contains sewage. Every step is labored trudging through the waste of strangers, but hey! IT’S AN EXPERIENCE!

For whatever reason, Derek feels like he needs to go to the bathroom as soon as we get there. Whatever, Derek. Supposedly my brother and his girlfriend are somewhere out there in the vast sea of people, but I can’t seem to find them. I’m carrying a backpack that contains a poncho, a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, as well as a large bottle of water. There is also a raw fish. The putrid odor keeps people away from me. I’ve also bought several blood capsules that I will bite down on if people begin to invade my personal space. This plan is fool proof.

Everyone knows how dangerous a hipster can be. Their understated sneer can send even the most confident individual into a tizzy of self-doubt. “Wait, are they cool? Are those the cool kids now? Is that why they’re looking at me? God damn it all.”

At four me and Derek went to see the Toadies. They’re old as hell. Did you know that? I didn’t. I thought they would be young forever. Turns out they were only young for like 30 years, then they were old. WHO KNEW.


That’s all I had. There you go. Happy Sunday.


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