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Paper Darts Flash Fiction

3 Feb

Here’s what I submitted today at the Paper Darts facebook page for their monthly “Flash Fiction” contest. By tomorrow, you have to have submitted a piece of fiction small enough to fit in a facebook wall post to the Paper Darts facebook page. The premise this month was to write an obituary for an inanimate object. Here’s what I wrote. If you like it, go to, find my entry, and “Like” it.

Kyle Irion’s childhood dreams died in a freak accident on January 5, 1997.

On January fifth, Kyle’s Dreams, still young, nubile, and full of hope,
were dashed into oblivion when he found out that the profession of
“Dragon Slayer” wasn’t only non-existent, but that if it DID
exist–according to his new, super-cool, older fr…iend–the senseless
murder of an endangered creature would most likely be illegal and, at
the very least, morally reprehensible.

Although he would never admit it, Kyle Irion’s belief in dragons clung
to life for several minutes after the conversation before he mournfully
removed life support and let the childish conviction pass on.

Kyle’s Dreams are survived by a bitter sense of disillusionment and a
large, empty spot that will almost certainly be filled with alcohol,
promiscuity, and a futile attempt to make any regular career seem even
mildly interesting.

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