Decision Time

24 Apr

“Editor, what is this?” I ask Editor. I’m holding an envelope that was left on my desk. My question is met with silence. I realize I’m at home and not at my office and that I had just placed the envelope down and forgotten about it after getting distracted by a sandwich whose origin was unknown.

You find a sandwich you don’t know where it comes from you stop and you try to figure it out, okay?

The next day, I walk into Editor’s office. “What is this?” I ask. Editor’s eyes bounce from me to the envelope.

“You haven’t opened it yet,” Editor said. “How can you, let alone I, possibly know how to answer that question.”

“I can’t tell what it is,” I say.

“It’s because it’s in an envelope, Kyle,” Editor says, calling me by my slave name [Editor’s Note: Okay. That’s enough of that. It’s your name. It’s what your mom and dad named you.]. “You need to open the envelope to find out what’s inside.”

I open the envelope and find out what’s inside.

Inside is a notice from the company I bought the domain name “” from. Apparently, I have until May 30 to renew my lease on the internet super highway.

For the last two or three months, my posts have become more and more widely dispersed. I’ve begun working on some other things–other serious things, and I’m trying to find a balance. It seems like more and more often gets the short end of my effort stick [sloppily writes note to self to henceforth refer to penis as “effort stick”]

This site gave me my voice as a writer–which may sound cheesy, but is said with the utmost of sincerity.

So now I have to decide whether or not to renew my lease on If I don’t, I won’t guarantee that the posts will stop coming on, but it would seem to be a distinct possibility that I’d just shut down the site altogether.

I’ll be thinking.


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