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No Retweet, No Surrender.

23 Oct

This is Olivia Munn:

oliviamunnShe’s currently the co-host of the hit G4 show, Attack of the Show along side Kevin Pereira. The show is based around video games, video game culture, technology, and trying to keep Olivia Munn’s cleavage on the screen as much as possible.

attackI don’t watch this show, but I’m vaguely familiar with it because a lot of my friends watch it. And since I know about the show, I know about Olivia Munn’s existence. Turns out Olivia has a twitter page, which is actually pretty entertaining, and the same can be said of her personal web site.

A few weeks ago, I decided that my goal for the month of October was to get a celebrity to tweet back at me. I thought Olivia Munn would be a good choice because she seemed fairly active on her twitter, didn’t have 4 million followers, and seemed to appreciate cool things–and I’m a cool thing.


Jesus, I'm cool.

There’s a couple of ways I could get her to tweet at me: respond to her(“@oliviamunn, …”), tweet at her, I could re-tweet her, where I just repeat something she said and credit her, or I could just try to be so infinitely entertaining that she just founds out about me and starts following me, then tweeting at me, then holla-ing at me, then making love at me, then marrying at me.

I decided the best way would be a relentless series of comical responses as well as tweeting at her about nothing in particular.

Here’s a few of my attempts:

OliviaMunn: I think I just fell in love with New York City.

IronKyle@OliviaMunn: I thought I had fallen in love with New York City once, but then I found it cheating on me with Chicago in the back of an Arby’s.

OliviaMunn: Tip for ur life: Never read magazines that r sitting in doctors office. Sick people have been touching them.

IronKyle@OliviaMunn: That’s not so dangerous. Just boil the magazines before you read them.

OliviaMunn: Be nice to people like a hero: In case you didn’t see the NBC PSA I did with Masi Oka that Milo Ventimigli.. http://bit.ly/2MVBQY

IronKyle@OliviaMunn: My fondest hero memory was when Spiderman let me borrow a pair of his socks when we went bowling.

OliviaMunn: Don’t hate me, please. I know everyone is wondering where their Playboy is that you sent in to me to sign.. http://bit.ly/14eF7P

IronKyle@OliviaMunn: Instead of signing them, you should do something really personal, like draw a funny hats on all the pictures. THAT’S special.

Here are a few instances of me just tweeting at Olivia Munn:

IronKyle@OliviaMunn: The other day I saved a baby turtle from the middle of the street. I like to think that one day it’ll one day be the ninja kind.

IronKyle@OliviaMunn: My back hurts.


I like to think that these responses are pretty funny, and if not that, a little unique. I have one week to attain my goal of Olivia Munn response tweet. I can’t give up. I won’t give up. Never. Ever. Ever…until the end of October.

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